Lower Altamaha Historical Society

Employers Worksource Certification
From the Rotary Foundation's World Fund
Humanitarian Project
Addresses community needs and produces sustainable and measurable outcomes.


Grant Summary
This Global Grant was terminated before completion due to a lack of
student applications during the virus pamdemic

The grant has participation from the four Rotary Clubs in Glynn County who have all provided funding along with District funding from two Districts, 6920, 4391 - Brazil and the Rotary International World Fund.

The grant provides selected students specialty training from Coastal Pines Technical College. The training will provide knowledge and skills in seeking jobs and retaining jobs.

Application (pdf)
Award Letter (pdf)
Guide to Global Grants (pdf)

*Richard Altman reports that the Support cost should below in this application no longer is required
because of the way funds were transmitted to RI.