Georgia Rotary Student Program  Annual Conclave

Georgia Rotary Student Program
 Annual Conclave - Districts 6900, 6910 & 6920

Modifying Your Registration

If you have already registered  and need to change your registration selections,
or pay for a previous registration using PayPal,
follow the instructions below.

1) Fill in the form below with your name and Rotary Club.
2) Describe the change(s) that you would like to make.
3) If we owe you a refund, put that amount in the "The Conclave owes me" block, we will process your refund as quickly as possible.
4) If you owe an additional amount, put that amount in the "I owe" block.
5) Press the "Transmit Form" button.

**First Name:   

     **Last Name: 

**Rotary Club Name:     
Email Address (if any):       (You will receive a receipt by email.)
**Describe the Registration   
 change needed:   
 The Conclave owes me a    REFUND of  $         We will refund this part of your credit card payment.

I owe  the Conclave  a   PAYMENT of $   

     I need to pay this additional amount.

Click this button to send form to the Conclave   
 (and then go to payment page    
 if money is owed).